Folk Music from the North of Europe

Northern Light ventures a unique cross over: Irish Folk merged with traditional music from Sweden and Norway. Newly arranged and transformed into a fascinating live act, an evening full of stirring songs and surprising instrumental pieces awaits the audience. Smooth ballads taking the listener to the North of Ireland are followed by fast-paced dance music from Sweden - before the band melts Swedish and Irish melodies into a breath-taking, entirely new piece of music. The show these four internationally experienced musicians are putting on makes for an unforgettable evening - dreamy ,fast-paced, romantic, full of virtuosity. 

The Northern Light Story

Franzi Müller, Tobias Tobias, Michael Poelchau and Steffen Gabriel come from different corners of Germany (and the USA), but they have been making music together for a long time. They met many years ago at Irish Folk "Sessions" - open rounds where Irish melodies are played privately or in Irish pubs all over the world. This can last all night! After all the other session musicians were asleep, Michael, Tobi, Franzi and Steffen continued playing into the early hours of the morning - not only Irish melodies, but also songs from Sweden, Norway, England and Belgium.

 Franzi remembers: "Again and again we had these moments where we found each other as if we had always played together as four musicians... somehow I had the feeling that something was happening." The penny quickly dropped: "Hey guys, we should get this on stage!" The four of them put together a varied concert program from the influences of different folk genres. They add their own compositions and songs. At the same time music videos and the first CD are created - and then Northern Light starts the first concert season, in front of a sold out house.

Check out the new CD "Off it goes" by Northern Light - you can have a listen in the video or order here

 Tobias recounts: "That was incredible. We are all experienced stage musicians, but to play such a brand new program is a real thrill. However, that was quickly forgotten when we saw how well the music was received by the audience and that everything worked great". The musicians have a lot planned for 2020 - including a longer tour abroad, performances in Germany and recordings for the second CD.

DAILY GROWING is (most likely) a traditional song from Scotland. An arranged marriage with a groom who is 10 years younger than his bride - and a tragical case of death... sounds very Scottish, doesn't it? 

Franziska Mueller

Vocals / Accordion

Franziska is a professional singer and accordion player. She grew up playing different genres of European Folk as well as classical music.

Michael poelchau

Fiddle / Vocals

Michael grew up in a musical family in Dallas, Texas. He spent some time on classical and rock music stages but has found his musical home in folk music long ago. 

Steffen Gabriel

Flute / Vocals / Whistles / Bagpipes 

Steffen plays European folk music on the flute and on the pipes - this passion has already led him through all of Europe, the US and Australia. He is also a professional builder of traditional Irish Wooden Flutes.

tobias kurig


With his large open tuned Bouzouki, Tobias has spent much time on German and international folk stages during the last two decades. His virtuoso, tight accompaniment creates a unique foundation for the Northern Light arrangements.

More Videos

GLALATEN -  FIVE SHOTS OF HAPPINESS "The Happy Song", the first tune of this set, comes from Sweden. The second tunes is written by our friend Gudrun Walther (CARA). 

FJELLVAK , "The mountain bird", is a traditional song from Norway, and takes the audience into a completely different world. It is usually played on the Hardanger Fiddle. 

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